norman is my first, my last, my everything.

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And as the world comes to an end
I’ll be here to hold your hand
'Cause you're my king and I'm your lionheart.

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; My cause continuous want to watch  The Boondock Saints . Continuous. ☺ People’s  want to order one from the internet ☺☺


great ; husky eyes and shoulder, Slightly macho type sexy and attractive actor ☻ Watch the Gossip to be affected ☺ 


I think he’s teddy bear and devil mix ☻he’s looks Ethan Hawke ☺

perfect under eye bags  ☻ and fucking hot look  #delicious #delicate #ducky #man ☺ he’s very successful ♥

;Can be seen on earth having most perfect look people ♥ #perfect 

I recognize  under eye bags attractive ♥ About: brown hair people #myantipatheticfeelings ————-> remove to person ! To be handsome charismatic;  no need to be perfect  #proof ♥. 42-year-old actor ☻ If one day taste of meet with #Norman reedus .Im telling his; -My name is Sophia ☻ and I want hear his live performans ’sooooophiaaa’ ♥ ☻☻

#perfect-ireland-accent #beautiful-look  #goodmimic and #perfectsmoker

himself like his name is #dignity ♥ #latin #as ☻ everytime I want say
'Amen' ☻☺☺☺☻

My zombie curiosity later My reason watch to  #TWD ☺  FOR  #oldboy ‘Young girls say: ‘My love’ ☺ this is reason #NormanReedusSexiness ☺ ☻

Everyone desired write a song for his hair ♥♥ ☺ I think #dangerousroles = #normanreedus

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Norman Reedus as Nick Nero

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"Ain’t nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he’s an indoor cat"

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the walking dead meme: nine characters (1/9)
daryl dixon.

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my lion ♥

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